Welcome to World Lingos

The world engages constantly in global business and is growing smaller with each passing daythrough its complex connections. Our vision at World Lingos is to ensure that international or domestic business is conducted accuretly, reliably and cost effectively, taking the guess work out of translations.

Your Success is Our Success

World Lingos is aware of the high demands of the current marketplace and strives for consistent customer satisfaction. We welcome open and frequent communication and collaboration with our customers; we will incorporate your recommendations to constantly enhance your processes and resources. World Lingos wants to meet your requests, needs and requirements in a manner focused on key objectives and benefits. As your business partner, World Lingos wants to be the best and do everything necessary to ensure your success. The full scope of translation work includes:

  • Legal Documents (Contracts, Patents, Litigations, Wills, Divorces, Powers of Attorney, etc.)
  • Medical Documents
  • Certificates (Birth, Baptism, Marriage, Death)
  • Driver’s Licenses
  • Tax Returns and Accounting Records
  • Brochures and Catalogs
  • School Transcripts and Diplomas
  • Website Content
  • Dissertations (Theoretical sciences)
  • Books (Literature, autobiographies)
  • Technical and IT documents and many more

Translation Services

When you choose World Lingos for your translations, you will receive our undivided and personal attention. We are extremely passionate about providing excellent service and quickly responding to your translation requests. Let us assist you on your next project that requires professional linguistic experts. You will be very pleased and happy with just how efficiently we complete the job. In this global world of the internet, it is imperative for your business to meet the demands of a multicultural business community. World Lingos can help you achieve your goals by helping you translate all of your business advertising materials and product information into any language you may need.

The Native Language Principle

Each of our linguists always translates into his or her own native language from among a wide range of global languages. Native speaker linguists are able to translate and capture every aspect of the foreign source text with the necessary linguistic sensitivity in the required target language.