We offer a wide range of varied translation services, including transcription, certification of translations, translation for immigration applications, etc. We also work with immigration attorneys for more complex situations.

Certified Translations

Authorities often request that translations be certified as an extra guarantee of their linguistic accuracy. Our government-approved local translators are legally authorized to officially certify translations. Our office ensures that documents intended for submission to government agencies and public institutions throughout the world are certified according to local regulations.

Proofreading & Editing

An extra round of checks by our team of proofreaders and editors is a critical step when it comes to the translation of textual information. This ensures that the target-language version contains accurate content and is stylistically as professional as possible.  Our proofreaders review every aspect of the document to ensure that none of the fine points of the document have been overlooked.

Immigration Applications

At World Lingos we offer clients expert legal advice and hands on assistance with all US Immigration/Homeland Security applications. Rest assured that we will handle your case with utmost professionalism, knowledge and confidentiality.